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Tayo's a Chucked Rock - Thoughts regarding Silko's Ceremony

Think about this:

Remember when you were throwing rocks? Remember when you were chucking rocks down by the river, or that time by the lake, or when you were by that little pond? The rock you're throwing is the character, Tayo.

The character's life here is like a stone thrown in a pond. We don't throw those rocks when we're down playing by the pond (or whatever body of water you remembering do this at) just to watch the rock sail through the air and splash. It's also to watch the ripples being thrown out or the way the little fish scatter. And if it would have been possible--and you were a curious kid--it would have been cool to see what happens when it hits bottom. Is there any dust tossed up underwater?

There's a lot more going on than just the arc and the splash here. And the storyteller in *Ceremony*--the narrator to stick with LA jargon--is giving you the entire experience.

Look: there's the child on the edge of the water. There's the weight of the rock in her hand. There's the pull in the arm socket when the rock is thrown. There's the weight of it when the child first chooses it. There's the water being hit, the surface exploding and then rippling out and disturbing some bit of pond scum on which a dragonfly is resting that now jumps up and buzzes off to the other side and lands on the mud. There's the rock, still on the edge of the pond, buried in dirt, but it's raining and soon will be uncovered enough for a child to find. There's the rock descending. There are the fish scattering. There's the rock hitting bottom and the dust thumping up in slow-motion. There's the water's edge on which a child stands for a moment before squatting down for another rock.

That's the experience of a rock being thrown. Imagine Tayo's life the same way.

Love to you all.

The Ninth Circle

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