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from: "Written While Fasting"


It is the morning of the third day of my fast.

The devil took Jesus up to the top of the temple and said, Okay, throw yourself down and let the angels catch you, if you're the son of god.  God said he wouldn't let you get hurt, right?

And Jesus answers back, You shall not put the LORD GOD to the test.

The argument is from the standpoint of god-as-myth.  "If God exists why does He let these horrible things happen?"

Isn't that the standard argument?

Give up on that thick-wit idea that God is out-there.  God is your greatest good.  That frightened soul of yours is inside.  That's where the greatest good is.

Look at your hands.  They will create the works of God--because "God" is within.

And most who argue for the out-there-god picture God in that tired Old-Testament way.  They argue against the reality or unreality of the burning bush, or the six days of creation.  They argue from a standpoint of science rather than a standpoint of spirit.  That's a thick-wit's argument.

Jesus says there is only one way to heaven.  But that means there is only one way for you.  Your way is your way--not my way.  And I want to get screamy with those who fall into the idea that the ONE WAY has been paved for them by their church's definitions. 

You won't find God through your churches.  You'll get some stories and often a single interpretation of them--but most churches don't lead you to that place within.  Most churches bully or seduce you into letting them think for you.

There's a reason why the devil took him to the top of the temple, after all.  "Have God save you."

And there at the top of the temple, Jesus says, Nope, it doesn't work that way.

Cut down on the noise.  Go within for awhile.  Give voice there within to temptation and doubt.  And give voice to what you know the answers to be.

Stop demanding the highest greatest good protect you and save you and listen instead to its voice within you.

Love to you all.

The Ninth Circle