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My Take on the Language Arts

This may strike you just as rough as the Teaching Philosophy. I don't care. Any philosophy worth developing needs to remain fluid.

Look: an education in the Language Arts is an education in communication. The primary goal of any LA department is to ensure that students have the skills needed to effectively communicate in a variety of forms. This means composition, debate, public address, goofing around with friends, and storytelling. Anything that stands in the way of that effective communication needs to be immediately taken care of.

Clear communication demands clear thinking. And the act of writing will often force you to think clearly.

In writing: youíve got to lay the skills down first. All that journaling you did back in ninth grade where punctuation didnít matter? Iíd like to stake teachers down over anthills for that piece-of-poo idea! You say what you want to say in any piece of writing, but you have to properly say it! Who gives a...poop (yes, I know how to swear--I'm being respectful. Take notes, class)...that youíve got such beautiful thoughts if you canít communicate those thoughts to someone else?

That means you start writing out those thoughts of yours simply: simple sentences, simple paragraphs. Donít kid yourself into thinking that complex thoughts demand complex sentence structure. The more complex an idea the simpler the sentences should be.

More later. Argh.