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April 29, 2002


Thanks for this.  There is no assigned seating. I love these people. 

This class has an edginess to it lately.  We’ve had a couple class discussions about it but there are still some problems. 


Be wary of Bryan Potts (Potts).  He’s a sweet, decent, incredibly good kid, but he is a VERY powerful, very engaging  student and has, in the past, very smoothly taken over the class from the assigned substitute teacher.


Okay.  The class is a week into a unit on American art and images.


Part of that is reading one of the following titles: Ragtime, The Martian Chronicles, Martin Dressler, Into the Wild, Breakfast of Champions, Survivor, and The Right Stuff.


Today is a reading day.  If they do not have their book yet, they need to read the last of the packet given to them last week. 


No working for other classes.  Today they can read.  Quietly.











1st Hour – 8:00 to 8:55

US Humanities


  1. Rachel Biere
  2. Kyle Blood
  3. Steve Canty
  4. Keith Connerly
  5. Seth Cooper
  6. Paul Fuller
  7. Chad Gehrls
  8. Tony Grobstich
  9. Kelli Hague
  10. John Hook
  11. Ashleigh Lamb
  12. Heather McMurrin
  13. Nicci Miles
  14. Sonya Moneypenny
  15. Mike Mulherin
  16. Natalie Nalvanko
  17. James Nash
  18. Eri Oda
  19. Mario Parra
  20. Lillian Pope
  21. Potts
  22. Ben Quarderer
  23. Jen Rieck
  24. Matt Roderick
  25. Melinda Sanden
  26. Amber Schule
  27. Aaron Suma
  28. Cory Witham
  29. Leif Zalewski
































Please run off 60 copies down in the production room of the hand-out included here. 


2nd Hour – 9:00 to 10:10

Prep – Cary Beatty will be taking over the room












3rd Hour – 10:15 to 11:10

Acting Class down in Auditorium

  1. Julie Butterfield
  2. Josh Foss
  3. Sarah Gimse
  4. Amanda Kieth
  5. Lindsey Kramer
  6. Peter Lammers
  7. Dan Lang
  8. Erica Lloyd
  9. Lillian Pope
  10. Potts
  11. Josh Rawson
  12. Matt Schall
  13. Allie Wampler
  14. Tony Wullner
  15. Kai Zhang

The central doors to the auditorium are open.  They know what to do.


Allow them to warm-up.  They’ll do that by themselves. 


Following warm-ups suggest Sound Ball.


Dan Lang suggested something in class on Friday based on the current unit.  Allow him to set that up with the class.


Remind them: Focus on the exercise.  Focus on the movement.  Be careful not to allow nervousness to turn the game into a joke to make people laugh.




















































4th Hour LUNCH HOUR– 11:15 to 12:45

       11:15 to 11:45: “A” Lunch


       11:50 to 12:45: US Humanities

Smart, engaging class.  Will work to pull you off focus.


Same as 1st hour.    










  1. Bret Bartels
  2. Rachel Berns
  3. Dillon Boenish
  4. Kelli Butts
  5. Brian Clark
  6. Sara Decker
  7. Cory Drake
  8. Megan England
  9. Megan Frank
  10. Luke French
  11. Brian Gellerman
  12. Brenda Hindman
  13. Dan Holterhaus
  14. Josh Holub
  15. Lindsey Krapfl (KRAH-ful)
  16. April Lewis
  17. Preston Martin
  18. Andrew Mehmen
  19. Linsey Misfeldt
  20. Ryan Mumm
  21. Micah Myers
  22. Jeremy Owens
  23. Jason Reel
  24. Ashley Schafer
  25. David Seiler
  26. Sanya Shakil
  27. Jeremy Stewart
  28. Diedre Tietz
  29. Brock Toll
  30. Justin VanBogart
  31. T.J. West













































5th Hour – 12:50 to 1:45

10th Grade Language Arts

1.                    Sean Allard

2.                    Justin Balvanz

3.                    A.J. Biro

4.                    Julia Blanchard

5.                    Danielle Brown

6.                    Whitney Edminster

7.                    Jeremy Everman

8.                    William Everman (WILLIAM)

9.                    Jon Fridal

10.                 Phil Green

11.                 Heidi Hanson

12.                 Brandi James

13.                 Michelle Keiper

14.                 Sam Kennedy

15.                 Adam Lyons

16.                 Justin Manson

17.                 Kaleigh Novak

18.                 Cindy O’Gara

19.                 Melissa Salisbury

20.                 Julie Sapp

21.                 Ashley Sawdey

22.                 Chris Schultz

23.                 John Senen

24.                 Andy Sevier

25.                 Rebecca Warne

26.                 Ryan Wertz

27.                 Cody West


I’m attempting to reserve Room 65—a computer lab—for today.


They need to start taking notes on their research today while they are online.


















































6th Hour – 1:50 to 2:45

10th Grade Language Arts

  1. Elizabeth Bensley
  2. Brad Christensen
  3. Amanda Coleman
  4. Karlee Cooper
  5. Tara Davis
  6. Jason Deboer
  7. Teisa Franklin
  8. Bryan Frost
  9. Matt Gonzales
  10. Luke Green
  11. Erik Hite
  12. Nicole Hobbs
  13. Andy Holtzman
  14. Tyler Houtz
  15. Zach Keast
  16. Jacob Lindsey
  17. Glenn McClintic
  18. Dawn McNabb
  19. Lindsey Moen
  20. Ashley Nixon
  21. Greg Ongie (On-jee)
  22. Elizabeth Parks
  23. Jason Potter
  24. Jenna Stangland
  25. Nicholas Stanley
  26. Samantha Stegman
  27. Katie Volz
  28. Brian Washburn
  29. Anna Williams

Same thing as fifth hour.


Find Erik Hite and Glenn McClintic and make sure they are sitting in ENTIRELY DIFFERENT parts of the room.


Find Brad Christensen and Matt Gonzales and make sure they are sitting in ENTIRELY DIFFERENT parts of the room.
















































Taking Notes on Research


Ideally, you should use note cards for this, but if not, then draw a line through the middle of sheets of notebook paper.


NO CUTTING AND PASTING INTO A WORD DOCUMENT!  Handwriting means you’re slowing down and HOPEFULLY slowing down means you’re examining the words.  I mean it.  I’ll be doing a check-up on your notes later this week and if they aren’t handwritten it’s going to cost you.



Each note should carry the following information (and I’ll be checking later to see if you’ve hit each point):

  1. Author and title of source
  2. url
  3. Brief statement of the topic or argument the note supports (in other words: in terms of your thesis, how does this help?)
  4. The information quoted, paraphrased, or summarized
  5. Notes to yourself—placed in brackets or parentheses—with ideas on how you might use the material with cross-references to other material




Use this list to help you choose which note-taking technique to use.

Ø       Direct quotation is to copy the EXACT WORDS from a source.  Keep quotations short and put REALLY BIG QUOATION MARKS around them on your note cards.

Ø       Paraphrase is to re-word the author’s ideas.  All you’re doing is rewording them in a way that makes clearer sense to you and your readers.  RE-WORDING DOES NOT MAKE THEM YOUR IDEAS and you have to give credit to the author in paper.

Ø       Summary condenses the main point[s] of an original piece.  In other words, you’re explaining what the author is talking about, but shorter.  Summarize in your own words, and use quotation makrs around any of the author’s language you include.

















You need to ALWAYS be thinking!  Do NOT just blindly throw a bunch of quotes down and wipe your hands of this part of the project.


THINK through each notecard!  Are you summarizing this one?  Quoting?  Paraphrasing?  Quoting requires the least amount of thought—I’ll be watching for that.  Writing out every single quote gobbles up time and keeps you from thinking about its meaning.








adapted from The College Writer’s Reference by Toby Fulwiler and Alan R. Hayawaka  © 1999, 1996 by Prentice-Hall Inc.