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Sweeter than Sin

(c) 1988 by Mike Moran to HEAR it

Met a crooked man a'walking
Down the road a crooked mile
He wore a grin like he knew what life was all about
I dropped a coin into his cup
And I promised him a secret
He said, "I don't go in for charity,"
But he kept it all the same

And he told me a cup of coffee is sweeter than sin
And a lion's tooth from Israel is worth at least
A fifth of gin
And sometimes what they tell you is not what they mean
And dreams are for lovers
And love?
Love is a dream.

Met a sailor on the sidewalk
Whistling a sailing song
And I could tell by the way he walked he'd been at sea too long
He had a tattoo on his finger
Of a clock at half-past three
To remind him when he left his wife
To marry the sea

To raise the Jolly Roger is sweeter than sin
And the coast of Spain on Tuesday nights
Is where the tides begin
And cynical laughter sounds just like a cough
And regret is just a memory
That never
Washes off


Read the headlines printed out
Across a paperboy's blind face
Said the latest lamp of God had fallen from grace
And the paperboy was crying
As he bent down to pray
Until the rain smeared his features
And he floated away

Naked faith and disbelief are sweeter than sin
Cuz opposition hot-and-cold are what makes the different
Breaths of wind
And nerves of steel are found
In only heartless men of tin
And blessed are the lonely ones who learn
To release their sin