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Hey, WoodenHead!

You've been outfoxed by TV. Now the coachman is taking you to Pleasure Island.

That's what this is, folks--this big computer with this big world wide web--
it's Pleasure Island.
It's a place where you don't have to worry about it;
where you don't have to think about it;
where it's fun!

Remember Pleasure Island, folks? In Pinnochio? Sure, we've all seen Disney's Pinnochio!
(Just out of curiosity: who here has read Collodi's Pinnochio? What a fun, weird book!)

That's how they enslaved the boys. They promised them
everything they wanted.
But I'll bet you
when the boys were first seduced to go,
they were TOLD what they wanted.
They were told they wanted to eat candy all day (because what do parents know?)
They were told they wanted to smoke cigarettes (because you look good doing it).
They were told they wanted to get in fights (because that's what boys do).
They were told it was free (HA! You think they would have been wise to that one).

In Collodi's book, the deciding factor for Pinnochio--that his good old buddy, Candlewick (who is looking awfully bright in the gloom that school seems to bring), confirms--is that he won't have to study!

So Pinnochio goes from being something looking to be human (but just a puppet, folks, and easily controlled) to being a donkey that is forced to work for the very man who brought him to Pleasure Island (in the book known--and yes you can smirk about it, you Candlewicks out there--as "The Land of the Boobies.")

It takes a great deal of courage to be human, folks.

And for all you Gepettoes out there: we can't use the television to raise our kids.
We can't use the computer to TEACH our kids.

You have to wake up now. Wake up!

Love to you all.

The Ninth Circle